The Birth of a Genre

It's not often that game makers go to eat against their own fans (with the exception of a few high profile Nintendo cease and desist takedowns), but considering how Valve has a history of making fully-fledged games from mods of other people's games, perhaps it was only a matter of time. For those unaware, both... Continue Reading →

Mobile Gamers ARE Real Gamers – Here’s Why

Last week, Dr Disrespect (a prominent Twitch streamer, known mainly for Battle Royale games and his rather caustic internet personality) Tweeted that "Mobile gamers aren't real gamers". I want to discuss this viewpoint, not just in relation to the Good Doctor (this Tweet is the inspiration, not the crux), but as an overall address to... Continue Reading →

The Captain Returns

  Right, ye salty sea dogs! This here blog has been abandoned fer too long, so I reckon it be time to get 'er up an' ship shape once more! YARRRRRR!!! *cough* And with that out of my system, we can continue. It's about time that I brushed the dust off this blog and got... Continue Reading →

Acting On Instinct – Going Free To Play

Mobile Games are notorious for the "freemium" or "free to play" model - you can download and play for free, but there are in-game microtransactions aplenty. Some games do this well, some are absolute travesties that'll empty your bank account to be competitive or to get anywhere in a reasonable time frame. So which is... Continue Reading →

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