I just added the following paragraph to On The Rise Part 2.

It’s also worth holding your cams a little. Whoever drops their cam first tends to get it destroyed when the other teams drop theirs. Try to bait their cams first!

Essentially, if I’m mid-lane, I drift towards the middle point, curve left to the CP Treant and drop a can in that bush to see approaching junglers. Enemies rarely place a cam here until late game so it tends to stay around and is surprising informative.

I then move to lane, clear at least my first wave, maybe even a second, and wait until I see that telltale sign of the opposing laner dip towards the bush – their cam is down. A few seconds later, whilst they’re clearing minions and mine are all gone, I drop my cam and nuke theirs. We now have vision advantage purely by the number of cams.

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