Armajet – Early Impressions

At the suggestion of ImPERium, a fantastic shoutcaster and veteran Vainglory player, I jumped into the Armajet open Beta, downloaded it and launched myself face-first into some games.

Before we start, I’m aware that the version I’m playing is currently “bare bones” for testing certain things (no Armoury, loadouts are random etc) until September 20th, so I’m basing these impressions almost entirely on just how the game feels right now to play.

After all, it’s a game and that’s what matters most, right?

Armajet makes me think of what a Worms Armageddon would be like if all it played in real-time and the worms all had jetpacks. On its surface it plays like pretty much any twin-stick shooter, with the left thumb controlling movement and the right thumb for aiming.

Nothing against the game here, purely a personal issue, but I always struggle with this kind of setup as I can never quite get the feel of virtual joysticks on a touch screen so it takes some getting used to. For Super Bit Machine’s part, I’m finding this to be one of the more responsive setups I’ve experienced, but I’m hoping I can connect a controller to my Razer Phone for this one.

I’m still very much getting the hang of what’s actually going on as I’ve gone into this completely blind, but the basic setup is thus:

You join an online arena where you can spectate or jump in and play a straight up team deathmatch. Players score points for kills and the team with the most points at time-up is victorious. Simple, really.

But then things get more complex. Every time you spawn you’re given a choice of loadouts. These offer a wide variety of tactics – do you want to jump close and shotgun your opponents in the face for high risk, high reward? Do you want to stand back and snipe at your opponents across the arena? Personally, I quite enjoy the flamethrower, setting fire to my enemies and the ground beneath their feet.

Unfortunately, I’ve ended my own kill streak by landing in my own inferno more times than I should admit.

Then there are the pickups, things like double damage, extra armour, health packs and invisibility, and numerous different arenas to fight in that offer different themes and layouts (I’m a fan of the Inferno arena). The game is pretty to look at too, it’s clean and clear, with all the information easy enough to see.

All in all, Armajet is great fun, if a little hectic, but that is most likely just due to me jumping into the game blind without having anything explained to me.

After tonight’s games, I’ll do a bit of research and try new approaches. I’m not sure if there’s some kind of ranking system, but some players look very different to my character, and I’m not sure how they’ve done that! I also see “Clans” are a thing, but can’t see how to join or create one (which I’m assuming is one of the bits currently disabled).

It’s all Beta, and the focus is clearly on just getting people into the game for testing right now. The controls are quick and easy to pick up and I look forward to seeing where this goes! If you have the chance, jump in and try it. It’s chaotic good fun and it’s cross-play with a build coming to Steam soon, I believe.

Are you playing Armjet currently? I’d love to hear your thoughts of the game so far. Please do leave comments below and/or contact me on Twitter (@CaptBenzie) or Mastodon (

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