On The Rise – Changing Of The Seasons

On The Rise follows my journey up through the ranks in SEMCs mobile MOBA, Vainglory.

Join me after the jump for the fourth installment; the Autumn Season begins.

Summer Season has ended and I (and many others) have collected our Season End payouts. I’ve grabbed the new Battle Pass and the new hero, Yates. I finished Summer on T5 Gold in 3v3 and T5 Silver in 5v5, so I didn’t quite reach my goal but I’m still happy with how I progressed.

With the start of a new season, I joined a new guild. I was thoroughly enjoying Atomic Army [Atom] but found that I wasn’t really connecting with a lot of the members, and those I was were already playing with teams for ranked, meaning I was very much solo queuing my way up.

I have now joined The Elite Order [Gods] and these guys are as crazy as I am. We’ve got a WhatsApp group set up and I’m feeling pretty “at home” already.

3.7 has definitely NOT been plain sailing though. I don’t know if it’s just the guys who were in higher tiers climbing back up or if there’s some genuine balance issues going on, but 9W/21L is heavy. A lot of those losses, or team failed to score a single kill. Honestly, it’s got me pretty bummed out, which is why I’ve been on Armajet and CnC Rivals so much recently. I just cannot figure out what’s going on or how to sort it out, but I’m not giving up yet. I may just give it a week or so to settle down before pushing ranked, and instead stick to casual matces to learn heroes and the meta, or premades with/against my guild and friends.

The changing of the season brought with it a new hero (Yates) and a whole new meta, and that’s what I wanted to look into in this post.

First of all, Yates – the first new Captain to join the roster since I started playing, meaning a new hero for me to seriously consider. Anka, Kensei, and Kinetic are awesome, but they’re not my role and so are a minor concern comparatively.

I had a few concerns when he was announced, with an A that drags in an enemy (like a mini Phinn Ult), a B that charges up and stuns (kind of like a mix of Flicker’s A and B), and an Ultimate that allows him to jump across the map. It felt a little like he was treading on the toes of some of my favourite heroes and I was a little concerned that he would ultimately work out to be outright better than either.

Firstly, his A only drags in a single enemy (and can grab minions) making it much less powerful than Phinn’s Forced Accord. His B actually feels more like a mobile version of Grace’s B, but is slower to go off, and his Ult… Well, that I’m still very interested by.

I’ve played a few matches both as him and against him now, and he’s very squishy in the early game. I’ve played as Captain (which I like) and Top Laner (which I struggle at as a role but he’s definitely viable as) and am pleasantly surprised. He’s faster moving than Phinn, but I do miss the range on Forced Accord and the defensive boost of Polite Company, so he’s definitely not a Phinn replacement.

He’s got some good abilities and I’ve been having fun in bot matches learning his moveset. The only issue being that I’ll only ever get to play him in ranked if I’m picking first and choosing bans.

The meta has also been shaken up and is quite scary now. A lot of heroes got some hefty nerfs, but turrets and global objectives like Blackclaw got some significant boosts. Turrets are downright terrifying now. Their damage ramps up quickly.

The changes to the Sunlight System has caused a few concerns in that it has increased from 50 levels to 100, but after a week of casual play, I’m already sitting at Level 20. Whilst I haven’t, you can spend 150 ICE to jump the level, but it seems to be going quickly.

The rewards are mainly BRAWL mode talents and minor Essence/Glory/Opal boosts, which is mildly disappointing as someone who doesn’t really utilise the talents, but the keys and blueprint chests are nice. Its pretty sweet that all the Minion Pings are included, but since I already have them, it doesn’t really affect me personally.

I’m in two minds about it. All in all, it’s free stuff for playing the game, but I do wish there were things like the wonderful “Unlock a Hero/Skin you don’t own” that were in the Summer Season pass, but I’m not complaining.

Finally, the inclusion of VGPro.gg in the game client is nice. This is a site I’ve been using a lot since I started playing and not having to quit out of the app (or grab my iPad or wife’s phone) to check it is a pleasant inclusion.

How about you? How have you found the 3.7 changes so far?

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