CnC Academy – Joining the Brotherhood

Having already gone over the basics of C&C Rivals, and then having had a look at the first GDI units and how they work, you should hopefully be Level 4 by now, and have just unlocked the Brotherhood of Nod.

The aim of this post is to familiarise yourself with these new units whilst also preparing you for eventual cross-faction games. I’d recommend taking a look at the GDI post, if you haven’t already as this one will reference it a lot.


These guys are exactly the same as GDI Riflemen, they’re good for scouting and taking out infantry, and are hardy enough to hold pads against most opposing units that aren’t specifically anti-infantry.

Use these guys to take out other Militants, Laser Squads, and Cyborgs, but keep them well away from Buggies, Flame Troopers (from Seth’s Drill Pod), Venoms and Flame Tanks.

Cross reference to GDI Missile Troops for good counters and things to avoid when fighting GDI.

Laser Squad

Again, these are exactly the same as GDI Missile Troops. They’re decent enough against enemy vehicles (like Attack Bikes, Scorpions, and Rockworms) and flying units (like the Banshee), but get chewed up by the same things as your Militants.

Cross reference to GDI Missile Troops for good counters and things to avoid when fighting GDI.

Attack Bikes

Many people consider these analogous to the GDI Pitbull, and they do serve a similar purpose, but they are different enough to discuss.

Attack Bikes are cheaper to build and faster moving than the Pitbull, deal more damage to enemy flying units and vehicles, but are more fragile. They’re also unable to fire whilst moving.

A good tip is to move them in, let them fire their missiles, then move them out again. They can outrun most enemy units.

Attack Bikes are great at taking out Nod Venoms, Buggies and Flame Tanks, and GDI Rhinos, Talons and Wolverines. Theyre also exceptionally good t hasing down harvesters.

They can be used to dent heavier units like Nod Banshees and Scorpions, and GDI Predator Tanks and Pitbulls, but don’t expect them to fare well in a protracted fight. You’ll need to hit and run, or they will be destroyed.


The Nod buggy is pretty much identical to the GDI Rhino. They’re the same cost and fill the exact same role. Nod Buggies move faster than their GDI counterparts but are otherwise slightly worse in every way, dealing less damage and with less health.

Use them the same as you would GDI Rhinos, to hunt down enemy infantry or anti-infantry flying units like Talons or Venoms.

Scorpion Tank

There is a definite theme with Nod units, and the Scorpion Tank continues it perfectly – it’s faster and deals more damage than its GDI counterpart, the Predator Tank.

Like the Predator, it is unable to target air units, so be aware of this, but it is able to move whilst attacking, making it great for harassing harvesters or enemy vehicles that are slower.

The damage it can do is great against Buggies, Attack Bikes (but keep moving as the Attack Bikes deal a good chunk of damage back if given chance) and Flame Tanks. Against GDI, Scorpions will wreck Rhinos and Wolverines, and can be used to put dents in Sandstorms (if accompanied by infantry or another Scorpion).

Steer well clear of Rockworms and Cyborgs, and Titans and Zone Troopers (all of which will obliterate Scorpions) and be cautious of Missile/Laser Squads. Again, only engage a Sandstorm with backup.


The Venom’s main use is to quickly engage enemy infantry, which it shreds to ribbons at a frightening speed. Unlike the GDI Talon, the Venom can only target ground units, leaving it defenceless against Talons or Banshees. Also Pitbulls, Attack Bikes, and Sandstorms can pull a Venom out of the sky disappointingly quickly.

That said, the Venom is cheap, fast moving, and will gladly now down Missile/Laser Squads, which the Talon would struggle with, making it a great early game infantry clearer that’s surprisingly stubborn to remove without dedicated anti-aircraft units.


The real powerhouse of the Nod Air Tower, the Banshee is an absolute beast. Able to kick out the same damage as a Scorpion, but with the protection of being airborne and super fast, the Banshee is designed to hunt down enemy ground and air vehicles.

Titans, Predator Tanks, Flame Tanks, Rockworms, Talons and Venoms are all good targets (Talons are able to do a bit of kickback) but do try to avoid Missile/Laser Squads, Pitbulls, Attack Bikes, Wolverines and Sandstorms as they’ll swat your Banshees right out of the sky.

Banshees are worth getting the hang of quickly and are a mainstay in many Nod decks.


One of the most unique units in the game, the Rockworm is utterly terrifying if you don’t know how to deal with it.

Rockworms move underground, making them immune to damage when relocating. They also deal damage to all adjacent units when they resurface. With good micro, this alone can make the Rockworm very useful, able to rise up amongst enemy units, taking a couple out with its entry, then ripping apart any ground vehicles nearby.

Rockworms have higher damage than even Titans and Sandstorms, and will obliterate almost any enemy vehicle in one or two hits. They are, however, helpless against aircraft, and struggle against infantry.

As such, Zone Troopers, Cyborgs, Banshees, and even Missile/Laser Troops should be considered carefully (though can be destroyed, if already injured, by the re-entry), but Flame Tanks, Titans, Sandstorms, Rhinos, Pitbulls, Attack Bikes, Buggies, Scorpions and Predator Tanks are its main prey.


Filling a similar role to GDI Zone Troopers, the Nod Cyborg units are dangerous if we’ll used. They’re fast moving for infantry, but do lack the regenerating health. Instead, Cyborgs slow enemy attack and movement speeds when they shoot them, giving them a little more of an edge against anti-infantry vehicles like Rhinos, Talons, Buggies and Venoms, but Wolverines and Flame Tanks are still not worth engaging.

Instead, use your Cyborgs to scuttle across the battlefield and take out enemy fliers, Titans, Sandstorms, Rockworms and tanks.

Flame Tank

A terrifying sight on the battlefield, Flame Tanks are fast moving infantry wiping nightmares. They bathe the tile in front of them and the three adjacent tiles behind that with white hot flame that deletes infantry and melts through structures (like the enemy base or Lt. Strongarm’s turret).

Unfortunately, this is where their usage ends. They cannot target air units, so are succeptible to attack from Banshees, and their flames don’t do much against enemy armour, meaning even Attack Bikes and Pitbulls (let alone tanks, Titans, Sandstorms and Rockworms) reduce them to smouldering scrap very quickly.

If your opponent is bringing out lots of infantry, or if you can sneak past to the enemys base, a Flame Tank can be a terrifying prospect to face.

Flame Troopers

On the subject of fire, I’m including Flame Troopers in this post even though their a little further into the levels than I wanted to focus on in this post, due to them being a part of Seth’s Drill Pod special ability.

Flame Troopers are to be treated in much the same way as Flame Tanks – they’re there to rip through enemy infantry (of all flavours) and structures.

Check out the post on the various Commanders for tricks on how to use Seth’s Drill Pod.

If you’re coming up against Seth, however, or if your opponent deploys Flame Troopers, be prepared to build anti-infantry flyers (like the Venom or Talon) as Flame Troopers cannot harm them, or Wolverines, Rhinos, or Buggies, and keep an eye on your side of the map too. Seth likes to pop a Drill Pod up right next to your base to force you to react.

As with the GDI post on the early sectors, I hope you find this guide useful for climbing even higher and into the cross-faction battles.

I’ll be continuing this theme of posts, concluding with all remaining units up to and including level 11.

Let me know how you’re getting on with CnC Rivals. What are you enjoying about the game so far? Are there any units that you’re struggling with?

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