CnC Academy – 1.1 New Units

Last week update 1.1 landed for CnC Rivals, and with it came two new units: Shockwave Troopers for GDI and Tick Tanks for Brotherhood of Nod. For today’s post, I wanted to have a brief look at these two units.

Shockwave Troopers

Designed to fill an apparent gap in GDI Anti-Infantry in the early game, Shockwave Troopers are like mini Disruptors. I say “apparent gap” as I’m of the opinion that the Rhino does this just fine, but regardless, let’s have a look at Shockwave Troopers.

Against infantry, Shockwave Troopers are certainly powerful and melt through opposing Riflemen, Militants, Laser/Missile Troopers, Jump Jet Troopers, Snipers, Zone Troopers, and Cyborgs. They very much still struggle against Flame Troopers and Chem Warriors, who will absolutely devour them.

Anti-infantry is not their only use, however, and Shockwave Troopers are designed to also inflict damage against structures, such as the enemy base, Kane’s Obelisk of Light, and Lt. Strongarm’s turret.

Considering that they are the same cost as Flame Troopers, it’s a little disappointing at first that they do not stand their ground well against them, but when you consider that they deal more damage against structures, they may still find a slot in your list.

Just be very careful of anti-infantry fliers like Nod Venoms and GDI Talons, which will shred them safely out of the Shockwaves reach, as will dedicated anti-infantry vehicles like Flame Tanks and Wolverines. Shockwave Troopers are not designed to take on enemy armour.

Tick Tank

An unusual addition to the Nod arsenal, the Tick Tank returns from Tiberian Sun. Able to burrow into the ground to protect itself, the Tick Tank is a point defensive vehicle in a faction that ultimately promotes aggressive strategies.

Slower, less moured, and more expensive than its cousin, the Scorpion, the Tick Tank appears to be a considerably worse unit on the surface. Whilst it’s roaming the battlefield, its fragility means it is quickly destroyed by almost any anti-vehicle units that it passes. It’s when the Tick Tank burrows that its value truly shines.

Once burrowed, the Tick Tank gains a 75% increase in its armour, which almost puts it on par with a Mammoth Tank. As you can see in the below screenshot, a Level 6 Stealth Tank has just rolled up to an untouched burrowed Tick Tank, taken a third of its health in damage on approach, and unleashed it’s volley at the Tick Tank. The full Stealth Tank Volley dealt so little damage to the Tick Tank that it doesn’t even show past the level marker.

Like Scorpions, Tick Tanks are succeptible to infantry like Missile/Laser Squads and Jump Jet Troopers (that deal good damage to the tanks, but take very little back) and they cannot target air units, meaning Orcas and Banshees are a decent answer. In the above screenshot however, it took two Banshees to take out a Tick Tank and an Attack Bike squadron was quickly pulled up in support. Even in the face of significant firepower, a burrowed Tick Tank will stubbornly hold it’s point and takes some real dedication to remove.

As with the previous academy posts, I do hope you find these little insights useful in planning your games, whether using these new units or facing them.

Let me know how you’re finding these new units. Are you using them?

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