CnC Academy – What Not To Do

I do apologise for the blog not being updated so frequently recently. Real life has definitely caught up on me. Though I may be delayed, the show – as they say – must go on.

Today, I wanted to do another tips and tricks blog, but for a change, I’m going to flip my positivity and call out some bad ideas.

This was inspired by me truly struggling to get from Gold 3 to Gold 1, then absolutely slamming it once I started facing Platinum ranked players who seem to fall into a load of really bad habits. So, here we go. What not to do.

#1 Double Harvester

You’ve got a deck full of badass units ready to kick some enemy butt, possibly some nice expensive tech units that you can’t wait to get onto the battlefield to start stomping your opponents to dust. Trouble is, you need that pesky Tiberium, and one Harvester just doesn’t seem to cut it.

The solution? Build two right out of the box and start harvesting that sweet green moulah. Heck, you can still throw out an infantry squad to do some scouting.

The problem is, the Tiberium economy is designed to ramp up gradually. Two harvesters still doesn’t give you all that much early and, instead, puts you on two cooldown cycles and drops a bucket load of Tiberium early.

If your opponent has gone for an early Harvester Rush, you have minimal defenses and at least one of those harvesters is going down long before it’s managed to make up it’s cost, and in doing so, your opponent receives a juicy 100 Tiberium boost to her economy – enough to buy her first Harvester, with change, and she’s already got units on the field. Not fun.

Even if your opponent is playing fairly conservatively, a single Harvester and maybe a Rhino, or a Laser Squad, they know you’re open and can deal some serious damage to one of those harvesters. The pressure is on early and you’ll need to play super defensively from the start, and likely end up losing the first nuke launch to a savvy opponent who’s pulled a lone surviving rifleman onto an uncontested pad.

At this point in time, there is absolutely no reason to have two harvesters built right out of the box. You’re on a back foot, and the Tiberium economy is not fast enough yet.

Instead, try a single Harvester, build some units and at least try to launch a missile before you build the second one.

#2 Spamming Scarabs

Since the recent 1.1 update, Scarabs are a pretty good Nod unit. For 30 Tiberium, they’ll wander across the battlefield and destroy most early opposition units, leaving a ring of fire on the floor. Even against infantry squads, they only use one of the Scarabs in the unit now, allowing them to do it twice before they need to be replaced.

The issue is that they cost 30 Tiberium each, and can be taken out by two 10 cost infantry squads running at them.

As such, when the strategy of the day is to just keep creating Scarabs over and over, it’s really easy to counter by just rushing infantry at them – and since the infantry are destroyed, the cooldowns cycle quickly. Infantry are 10 a piece, Scarabs are 30. The infantry spam is gaining more Tiberium in the background and they simply end up with a stronger economy.

If you’re smart, you at least built a Harvester after the first Scarabs, so at least you have a decent economy yourself. The Scarabs make a great unit that can wipe out enemy infantry spam and leave super damaging fire on the floor for zone denial, but they are not a spammable unit. Stop doing this.

#3 Jump Jet Troopers Away!

So, you’ve tried to create as many harvesters as you can, and that didn’t work. Then you tried Scarabs, and that didn’t work either. Then you discovered Jump Jet Troopers. Fast moving, great against vehicles, and can leap over obstacles, and they’re in the barracks! Perhaps these little bundles of joy might fill that spam shaped hole in your strategic heart?

So, you grab a barracks, launch a unit of JJTs across the battlefield and go Harvester Hunting. Fog of War is pretty thick, but you’re sure their Harvester will be in that particular bunch of Tiberium over there. The JJTs arrive like hyperactive puppies with jetpacks chasing a bouncy balls, but there’s no Harvester. Instead, there’s an infantry squad, and they kinda hurt.

No matter, the JJTs take a bit of damage, but maybe the Harvester is over here?

It doesn’t matter.

A second infantry squad is all it takes for your 50 Tiberium JJTs to fail to finish the job. So, what do you do? Do you use your remaining Tiberium to build more JJTs and finish the job, or do you concede the defeat and build a Harvester.

It doesn’t matter.

If you build JJTs and finish the Harvester, you have enough Tiberium from the payout to buy a Harvester, but you now have a single JJT squad, a Harvester, and a cooldown cycle before you can do anything else. Your opponent has more.

If you build the Harvester, you have almost no Tiberium, and nothing else on the field. Your opponent has more.

This also applies somewhat to Bike rushes. These rush tactics work in the lower ranks as players are still learning to cope with micromanagement, but once you start climbing, they very quickly fall away.

In the above screenshot, I’ve spent a total of 30 Tiberium (plus Barracks) and have enough to pull out a Harvester as soon as those bikes are out of the way.

My opponent has spent 60 (plus Weapons Factory). Those Missile Troops will wreck his bikes and go on to punish his Harvester, if and when he has enough Tiberium and decides to build it.

Basically, spamming the same unit is usually a bad idea.

This post has been a little different and I hope it’s been entertaining and informative. Have you encountered these strategies? Do you have any good tips for beating them that I missed? Do you use any of these strategies yourself with success and think I’m wrong? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter (@CaptBenzie)

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2 thoughts on “CnC Academy – What Not To Do

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  1. Ahoy Captain, thanks for all you do, your voice (youtube) and writing here especially resonates with me, transmits lots of info and attitude. Besides taking another opportunity to thank you I’d like information on how to choose an alliance.
    The guides all say “join an alliance” but don’t give info on how to pick one. Big blank spot. Even googling the question gives no definite results. Since I get where you’re coming from, I’d like your viewpoint if you have an opportunity or interest.
    Thanks for your time.


    1. Hey there! I really need to update this blog more, so thank you for the kind comments!

      Honestly, your best bet is to join the Community Discord at – not only is there an Alliance channel there, there’s loads of folks for good advice.

      For choosing an Alliance it depends on your aim. I’m actually now going to do a video on this but, essentially it depends on how competitive you want to be. If being top dog is important look to join one of the top Alliances on the leaderboard. Otherwise, find one and see how active and friendly it is. If it doesn’t gel, explain politely and find another. I know Terminus has just opened a secondary Alliance and is recruiting, and you’d be part of the Terminus discord community too, which is a plus 😉


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