CnC Academy – What Not To Do

I do apologise for the blog not being updated so frequently recently. Real life has definitely caught up on me. Though I may be delayed, the show - as they say - must go on.Today, I wanted to do another tips and tricks blog, but for a change, I'm going to flip my positivity and... Continue Reading →

CnC Academy – 1.1 New Units

Last week update 1.1 landed for CnC Rivals, and with it came two new units: Shockwave Troopers for GDI and Tick Tanks for Brotherhood of Nod. For today's post, I wanted to have a brief look at these two units. Shockwave Troopers Designed to fill an apparent gap in GDI Anti-Infantry in the early game,... Continue Reading →

CnC Academy – The Early Sectors

Following on from my recent posts on the Commanders, today I wanted to take a very basic, beginner-centric look at the main GDI units that players will face in the early sectors - what their strengths and weaknesses are, and some tips for playing them. I'm not giving a build guide or a deck-list yet,... Continue Reading →

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