CnC Academy – 1.1 New Units

Last week update 1.1 landed for CnC Rivals, and with it came two new units: Shockwave Troopers for GDI and Tick Tanks for Brotherhood of Nod. For today's post, I wanted to have a brief look at these two units. Shockwave Troopers Designed to fill an apparent gap in GDI Anti-Infantry in the early game,... Continue Reading →

CnC Academy – The Early Sectors

Following on from my recent posts on the Commanders, today I wanted to take a very basic, beginner-centric look at the main GDI units that players will face in the early sectors - what their strengths and weaknesses are, and some tips for playing them. I'm not giving a build guide or a deck-list yet,... Continue Reading →

Armajet Update – What’s Changed?

On Thursday 20th, Super Bit Machine updated the Armajet Beta for Android, and also opened up the cross platform with PC. Here are my personal thoughts on what has changed. The first thing that jumped out at me when I launched the game again (see what I did there) was that there were tonnes of... Continue Reading →

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